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Simple Replication Example

Replication in Drizzle is very simple and multi-source replication is supported. For a walk through of multi-master (multi-source) replication see David Shrewsbury’s excellent post here. Because it was very succinctly written, here I am quoting a lot of his provisioning a new slave post on replication here. But I have added in some detail on […]

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Equipment and stuff…

Last week I was at a lecture Brian Aker gave to the Seattle MySQL community. During his talk I got a feel for how the team is developing Drizzle, where they stand on various operating systems, and what they are testing on. Drizzle, when it’s completed, will be able to run on virtually any type […]

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Drizzle is Scary (A Little)

I’m not really scared of rain after living in Seattle for seven years. I am a little scared of sticking my neck out and writing about something which (for the moment) I know almost nothing about. See, I am formerly a TV Producer stretching myself to learn a few new tricks. A hacker friend has […]

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