Formerly a TV Producer stretching myself to learn a few new tricks. A hacker friendĀ  suggested the best way to learn is to teach, so he asked me to begin contributing to the online manual for Drizzle a new database and a fork from the very popular MySQL.

The scariness of this thought aside, I was intrigued. If I write the manual as I learn, I might just come to truly understand the Drizzle DBMS. By documenting every single (many), little (large), tiny (massive), mistake I make along the way, I might justĀ  make a different kind of road-map for others to learn by as well.

I am not a developer, and certainly no expert in databases. I am simply excited by this project and more excited by my Brian’s suggestion that I get involved in something that I suspect will be very big. The philosophy of a radically open and collaborative project is infectious, and my aim is to share that excitement with a whole bunch of people who might otherwise be daunted by the thought of trying something new.

In this blog I will dive into Drizzle, learn how to install it, use it, configure it, and maintain it. As I do, you will see links to my updates to the online manual here, as well as a more colloquial exploration of my successes and failures.

And for those of you who are familiar with Drizzle… Please keep the feedback coming.

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