LearningDrizzle at the MySQL Conference

Learning Drizzle is back!

The Learning Drizzle Blog has been on hiatus for a while. I have been working entirely too much (who hasn’t) on projects less interesting and less fun, but I also had my eye on the MySQL DBA exams at the MySQL Conference. When I decided I would come to the conference I thought I should take advantage of the cheap cost of the test and get myself ready for it. Now I’m at the conference and still not sure I’m ready for the test but will give it a go.

Today’s Tutorials will be a big help in that regard, I hope.

It seems like a distraction from Leaning Drizzle, but I’m fairly certain that learning MySQL in tandem with Drizzle, especially as a beginner, will pay dividends.

I arrived at the MySQL conference last night and began with a couple good beers, and had a chance to just chill and talk to people who have written the books I have been studying from. The heart of the Drizzle team is here of course. It’s pretty inspiring to be around so many intelligent people sharing amazing ideas.

This is a great opportunity for those of us beginners to get to know a lot of the players and learn as much as we can about the open source database universe. As Mark Atwood said well in his blog earlier today: “So much of the history and development of technology is based on a foundation of personal relationships.”

During the conference I will be blogging, sharing what I learn, and the new things coming that I hear about. I use Twitter (@kentbozlinski) for non-work related commentary as well but during the conference I will keep it to MySQL, MySQL Conference, and Drizzle related posts. There are some great talks planned, some on Drizzle that I will attend, but I will also be going to a number of more MySQL specific talks.

Drop me a tweet or an e-mail (kent at learningdrizzle)! I would love to meet and have a beer with you at the conference!

OK, Kai Voigt’s Tutorial for the MySQL DBA Exam is about to start up again. Back to it!

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