Drizzle is Scary (A Little)

I’m not really scared of rain after living in Seattle for seven years. I am a little scared of sticking my neck out and writing about something which (for the moment) I know almost nothing about.

See, I am formerly a TV Producer stretching myself to learn a few new tricks. A hacker friend has been helping me with some new concepts, including using databases in creating websites. Being a fairly well known hacker, Brian is at the heart of the team developing one of the next generation of databases. He suggested the best way to learn is to teach, so he asked me to begin contributing to the online manual for Drizzle, which I have never touched and is not even released!

The scariness of this thought aside, I was intrigued. If I write the manual as I learn, I might just come to truly understand the Drizzle DBMS. By documenting every single (many), little (large), tiny (massive), mistake I make along the way, I might justĀ  make a different kind of road-map for others to learn by as well.

We will get into the details in future posts, but the basics are:

  1. Drizzle is a fork from the MySQL Database; it rethinks it and refocuses it toward use on the internet and in cloud computing.
  2. It’s open source. Anyone can contribute and everything about the development is public.
  3. Drizzle is being built for the next generation of server technology and will be lean, fast, reliable, andĀ  scalable.

That’s (mostly) the extent of what I know.

I am not a developer, and certainly no expert in databases. I am simply excited by this project and more excited by my Brian’s suggestion that I get involved in something that I suspect will be very big. The philosophy of a radically open and collaborative project is infectious, and my aim is to share that excitement with a whole bunch of people who might otherwise be daunted by the thought of trying something new.

In the coming weeks and months I will dive into Drizzle, learn how to install it, use it, configure it, and maintain it. As I do, you will see links to my updates to the online manual here, as well as a more colloquial exploration of my successes and failures.

And for those of you who are familiar with Drizzle… Please keep the feedback coming.

3 Comments to “Drizzle is Scary (A Little)”

  1. By Trip, November 7, 2009 @ 12:38 am

    Looking forward to it! We can learn together. Thanks Kent.

  2. By eka, November 13, 2009 @ 3:48 am

    great, i learn too, it’s gone be a fun..
    i like the word “the best way to learn is to teach”

    it’s chalenge for me, to deep understand drizzle


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