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Last week I was at a lecture Brian Aker gave to the Seattle MySQL community. During his talk I got a feel for how the team is developing Drizzle, where they stand on various operating systems, and what they are testing on.

Drizzle, when it’s completed, will be able to run on virtually any type of system, though it is specifically designed for web servers and cloud computing. At the beginning I will be doing almost everything on a 1U 64-bit AMD Athlon 2800+ rack mounted server with two gigs of Ram. Not a beast of a machine by any measure but certainly fine for our purposes, and running Ubuntu Server on it will mean it’s pretty zippy. I also have a couple of windows machines and a server running Open-Solaris which I will be playing with. Drizzle is being tested on astonishingly powerful machines, some of which are running 64 or more processing cores and hundreds of Gigs of Ram. In other words, I will not be pushing the limits with the software just yet.

I am fan of Linux, specifically the Ubuntu distribution, because it is easy to get the feel after switching from Windows, even for the non-hacker like myself. It is not quite the type of OS I would set my grandma up with but it’s pretty straight forward.

Installing software on Ubuntu (I’m using 9.04) can be incredibly easy and beats a trip to the store to spend a few hundred bucks any day. While the Graphical interface in Ubuntu is pretty simple, in reality we will be using the command line for most of what we do with Drizzle. I suspect most people interested in anything resembling a database will be relatively familiar with command line, but for those of you who are new to that as well I will be making the commands very specific. When in doubt, copy and paste; but please don’t forget to change things like <username> to your own username. It won’t work too well otherwise.

Another piece of the puzzle we will need is a sample database. If you have one you want to use that’s great, but I was pointed in the direction of the Sakila sample database, often used for testing and practice with MySQL. After I get a feel for things I will actually use some free US environmental databases I downloaded for a project and see about real world implementation.

The next post will actually include the installation of Drizzle! I promise! I learned a few new things about compiling and dependencies, and made a couple stumbles.

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  1. By Stewart Smith, November 12, 2009 @ 7:37 pm

    There’s also the flightstats data… you can get some pretty remarkable large datasets and muck with them.

    In fact… writing various tests to them could be kinda cool to increase testing.

  2. By mdaems, November 13, 2009 @ 2:38 am


    Can you get your blog syndicated on Planet Drizzle?


  3. By Kent Bozlinski, November 25, 2009 @ 7:42 pm

    Mark, I am sure you noticed I am now on Planet Drizzle. Thanks for the suggestion!


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